On Air

THE BOB & TOM SHOW — Weekdays 5AM-10AM

The BOB & TOM Show have been waking up the Central Coast for decades! Now they have called 95.3 The Beach their home! Wake up with The BOB & TOM Show Weekday mornings on The Beach!

RICARDO — Weekdays 10AM-2PM

HOMETOWN: Santa Barbara, CA!
FAVORITE THINGS: DJing, record stores, driving everywhere, In-N-Out, Mineral Water, Yerba Mate, Amazon Prime-ing when drunk, Traveling to London.
MUSIC I LOVE: Tears For Fears, Duran Duran, The Bee Gees, Taylor Swift.
BUCKET LIST CONCERT: Taylor Swift at the O2 in London.
LIFE MOTTO: “Two wrongs don’t make a right, but three rights make a left.”
BIGGEST PET PEEVE: Slow drivers on the left lane that refuse to move over.
IF NOT RADIO, THEN I’D BE A: DJ. Wait, I DO that already…

SHAWN — Weekdays 2PM-7PM

HOMETOWN: Morro Bay, although I’ve been known to wander…
FAVORITE THINGS: Clean socks, junior mints, mullet-spotting, excel spreadsheets, night swimming, Dan and Chuck, and air quotes.
FAVORITE BANDS: Journey, George Michael, 2Pac, Johnny Cash, Poison, U2, Tim McGraw, Josh Turner…I could go on and on…

DAVINIA — Weekdays 7PM-12AM

HOMETOWN: Swansea, Wales, UK
FAVORITE THINGS: Eating out (a.k.a. not cooking), fondant, walking outside on tile floors in Italy, when Sully giggles.
MUSIC I LOVE: INXS, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Moby, Gorillaz, Chris Cornell, Foo Fighters, White Rabbits, She Wants Revenge, Sigur Ros, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Everything But the Girl, Wet Wet Wet, Ying Yang Twins, Kanye West! BUCKET LIST CONCERT: Bjork! Please make more music!
LIFE MOTTO: “If she had kept going down that way, she would’ve gone straight to that castle!”
BIGGEST PET PEEVE: Trying to relay GPS directions in my car.

VICTOR — Saturdays 3-7 PM / Sundays 11AM-3PM

FAVORITE THINGS: Hitchhiking through parts of Alaska, Canada, California and Colorado, fishing and camping and concerts!
MUSIC I LOVE: NOFX, Bad Religion, Pennywise, Misfits, AJR, Walk the Moon, 21 Pilots, Florence & The Machine, Portugal. The Man, Weezer
BUCKET LIST CONCERT: Don’t have one because I see all the bands I love anyways.
LIFE MOTTO: “With great power, comes great responsibility” – Uncle Ben Parker
BIGGEST PET PEEVE: People with too many pet peeves.

LIVE IN CONCERT — Fridays 7-9p | Sundays 6-8p

Live in Concert with Lisa Berigan features the greatest bands in Rock history recorded live. For 2 exciting hours each week, Live in Concert presented by Lisa Berigan brings the emotional impact of live music to the radio. Each show is built on the most memorable live performances in the history of Rock & Roll. From small clubs to packed arenas, you’ll hear your favorite bands as never before. We feature a wide variety of concerts showcasing the various stages of each artist’s career.


The Acoustic Storm features the best variety of acoustic-based rock. With an emphasis on acoustic guitar-driven songs, Jeff Parets presents the full spectrum of acoustic rock, including rarely heard “unplugged” versions of classic tunes in their purest form.